ID22 - Tracking With Reverb



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    ID 22 : no Build in  reverb on "monitor"  I knew that.
    But worse still you cant connect outboard/external hardware and rout it to monitor mix to support the singer you are recording . That was a bad surprise especially because i've bought a hardware reverb/delay for that specific reason. I couldn't imagine that the DI feature of the ID 22 couldnt do that. The suggested soulution doesn't work the same way  and introduces latency.


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    Dennis Barrington

    This article is about iD22, not iD14, so major FAIL in answer. Plus, seeing how the iD22 has SEND/RETURN, I would expect an answer along THOSE lines for outboard gear. Leave Reverb Plugins in a DAW to the DAW's manual and speak more about your OWN gear. That is what people want to read about.

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