iD22 - Foldback Configuration

Foldback Configuration

This setup allows you to have a separate mix coming out of outputs 3+4 to send to an artist being recorded. Using the iD22 with a headphone distribution block allows you to send the output to many people at once and can be great for live band recording

Software Settings


Note that outputs 3+4 are fed from Cue A, which contains audio from DAW 3+4. This can then be blended with the inputs using the Cue faders on the channels you are inputting into so your artist gets the best mix of themselves and the track.


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    Ben Orlando

    This makes sense to me for the most part. However, why is the "ALT SPK" option selected for the headphones 5+6? Shouldn't "MAIN MIX" or "CUE A" be selected instead? What is the engineer hearing if set up like the diagram above? -Ben

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