iD22 - The "Record a Skype Interview" Configuration


This configuration allows routing between applications using the digital IO of iD22. For this example, we will use the scenario of someone recording a podcast who wants to interview someone via Skype and record it all into their DAW.

This configuration allows the mic inputs from iD22 to be on a separate track to the person on Skype, so separate processing can be applied to each.


  •  In Skype, set iD22 as input (picks up Mic 1 input) and iD22 as output (returning audio into DAW1+2 in the iD22 mixer)
  • This sends the output of Skype into the iD22 mixer however as an output, so it cannot then be routed into a DAW without sending it to an input.
  • Plug an optical cable from the Digital In to the Digital Out, creating a loop.
  • Send the DAW1+2 to Cue A (and make sure the Cue A master is full), then route Cue A to output to Digital Outputs 1+2 in the system panel.
  • This will route the audio round into the Digital Inputs 1+2 which is accessible for a DAW (will appear as input 3+4 in the DAW)
  • To get sound from the DAW into your speakers and headphones you need to make sure that the main output from the DAW is set to OUTPUTS 3+4!
  • Which channels you mute in the iD22 mixer are up to you depending on what you want to hear out of headphones/speakers for example whether you want a Mix-Minus configuration. In this example, the output of Logic is the only thing that I wanted coming out of the speakers/Headphones. (Note that without muting some of the channels you will end up with multiple copies of things signal)

This configuration does prevent any IO expansion however there is a way to achieve a similar outcome using a TRS jack, this freeing up the digital IO (Configuration support article coming very soon!)


Routing Matrix

Mic Inputs and Digital Inputs


Mic Inputs and DAW Mixes

A preset file is attached below. This file should be saved somewhere safe and then can be "loaded from file" within the iD app presets menu. Alternatively, the preset can be placed in:

~/Library/Application Support/Audient/iD/presets (Mac)

(C:) > Users > [yourusername] > AppData > Roaming > Audient > iD22 > Presets (Windows)

After placing the preset within this file the preset will be available in the load menu without having to load from file.


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