iD14 - Digital Input Setup



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    Claudio Coriano

    You do a bad job overall in helping customers to solve their problem. ID14 has serious problems with sierra. I am going to post a video on youtube  to let people know how bad thee software since you do not provide ANY SUPPORT 


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    Calvagh Demos Mc Manus

    Hey man, im kind of confused my led light is neither green, red or yellow its just always off, it has never ever turned on.

    After hours of trying to figure out how to install it with out my brand new pc crashing, It now works.

    But id like to know if not having the led light on means that maybe my audient 14 has a hardware issue?

    kind regards 


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    I have everything set to 44.1Khz in all cases for the ID22 unit, windows and DAW and also at 24 bit when connecting a Kemper profiler.  ID22 is set as 'slave' with 'optical' chosen as the preferred lock source and I use a converter box (not the Lindy one but a cheaper version - Coaxial In to Optical Out). I have also tried multiple cables and another converter box and have received audio meter spiking and a looping error of an invalid clock source.  All the other inputs work so I am at a loss with the S/PDIF problem here.  I'm on Windows 10 and also have the 'exclusive control' boxes unchecked in the sound panel accordingly.

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