iD14 - Getting Audio In and Out + Mixer Basics



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    Aleksander Lebid

    How I can added HPF? That's critically important for me - I work with mic without HPF on body and I record Low end noise in my Voice. I absolutely LOVE ID14 and I don't want to lose this one with this little problem. Maybe you can change it ??? Just ADDED HPF button inside ID interface

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    Luis Donado

    You do that in your DAW. This is where all the EQ's and filters are for that (HPF) and you can monitor it by itself by routing it to an AUX. Usually at the interface level one will only find knobs for volume, Cue and Panning levels only.

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    Steve Ireland

    Hi. I'm new to the Audient id14 and so far very impressed. One thing I'm having problems with is the faders in the mixer app. They don't seem to do anything with the result that the guitar signal through the DI is going into my DAW really hot. I've obviously missed something but I just can't see what it is! Help?

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