FAQ - Why does iD14 use USB 2.0



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    Ross Elias

    In my experience, the iD14 had massive issues working at all when plugged into a USB 3.0 port despite it usually being backwards compatible. I'd recommend always plugging it into a USB 2.0 port to ensure it works properly.

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    Cameron O'Loughlin

    Ross, you just solved all my problems! I was having lots of audio drops and pops with my iD14 interface - forcing me to have really high latency times and even then I'd still get dropouts every few minutes. Changing my interface from usb 3.0 port to 2.0 port has fixed this for me :) Thanks heaps!!

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    interesting. I am on the point of throwing my iD14 out of the window as I cannot get my MBPro 15" to recognise it as a sound source in system preferences. It was working but I removed it last night, and not for the first time, it won't reconnect. I've spoken to Audient about this issue [which includes multiple instances of the iD14 appearing in the USB section of the System overview in 'About this Mac', and they have failed to engage with the problem. I'ver thrown every relevant pref away, rebooted time after time, reinstalled iD software etc etc. this mac has only got usb 3 of course, and I wonder if that's an issue. I cannot upgrade the firmware to 1.07, iD just freezes at the initialise window and won;t go past it

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