SPEC - MiCO Audio Specifications

MiCO Audio Specifications


Maximum input:    +10dBu (+30dBu pad in) @ minimum gain

THD+N:    <0.009% @ 1kHz with +20dBu output

                 <0.003% @ 1kHz with +4dBu output

Noise:      -87dB @ 18dB gain, 22Hz-22kHz, unweighted

EIN:     Better than -127dBu @ 66dB gain/ref 150ohm 

Frequency Response:    +/-0.2dB 20Hz - 22kHz @ 60dB gain 


Internal Sample Rates:    44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz

External Sample Rate:    Any between 32kHz and 192kHz

Bit Depth:   24bits

Scaling:    0dBFS = + 18dBu

THD:    -109dBFS @ 96kHz, A-Weighted


Dimensions:   430mm x 270mm x 80mm

Weight:    2.5kg

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