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iD22 Cue Mixes and Routing


iD22 can be used in a wide variety of recording situations both large and small (from two channels up to 10 channels using an external mic preamp), giving a number of options of how to use all the inputs and outputs. This flexibility is provided by the use of Cue Mixes and signal routing in the iD22 mixer software, which can be made as simple or complex as you need.

Cue Mixes allow you to send audio coming into the iD22 mixer to different mono or stereo outputs, these can be inputs from the preamps, but also the audio coming back from your DAW or computer. For example, an artist can monitor themselves directly (audio coming straight from the preamp allowing <2ms latency!), while also receiving a foldback mix coming from the DAW. This foldback mix can be different to your main mix, so you can give the artist what they want to hear and not compromise your own mix.

Cue Mixes are very easy to create using the Cue faders on the mixer channels. The overall Cue level can be adjusted using the Cue Masters, the Cue Masters also have a Solo which allows you to preview the mix.

Once you are happy with the Cue Mix, you can use the Routing Matrix found in the System Panel to route it to an analogue or digital output.

The previous image shows the routing matrix set up so that Cue A is sent to the headphone amplifier, while Outputs 1+2 receive the Main Mix of the iD22 mixer. Anything that you want to hear coming out of Outputs 1+2 has to be turned up and unmuted on the iD22 mixer (and everything you don’t want to hear has to be muted). Outputs 3+4 are set to Alt Speaker which means they are muted until the Alt Speaker button is pressed (F2 by default), where Outputs 1+2 are muted and Outputs 3+4 are unmuted.

This is an example of a very simple setup, and with a lot of the setups on iD22, there are many ways of changing and expanding it to suit your needs. For example adding a second artist mix to be put on Cue B and sent to Outputs 3+4 which allows two different and completely customisable artist headphone mixes with <2ms direct monitoring, while keeping the engineer mix intact.

Using Cue Mixes and Routing, iD22 can:

  • Give an artist foldback and allow talkback functionality
  • Be used with external hardware (e.g. reverb)
  • Record Skype conversations for podcasts
  • Use multiple artist monitoring systems such Aviom or Hearback systems while still being able to record and have engineer speakers and headphones.
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    I have an ID22 Hearing, I want it to work with traktor 2.9, but I must surely be wrong in the configuration in the plug-in Adient or my setup routing in traktor or both? I wish I had an assignment for each track corresponding to a track on my mixer off the tracks but two stand out on a single track on my table. Someone could help me!
    Thank you in advance.


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