Recording Vocals With The iD4



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    I m hearing my vocals only on one side of the headphone or speakers. I am using direct monitoring on my id4. Plz help !

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    Tayy ThePro

    I recently bought the iD4 and I'm experiencing the issues!

    I also record through mono as well.. Still the same results: one side playback..

    FIX ???


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    Calvin roberson

    Hi, first off let me say that I love this interface. I am a solo artist, and mainly use this interface for my vocals and audio playback. My issue is that when using the mix knob to control the balance of vocal and music playback, I tend to get this echo/ doubled sound. It’s not latency, when I speak I hear it right away, it’s more of a echo type of sound. The more I pan the knob to hear more vocal than playback, the echo goes away. Is this normal? I would like to have an even balance of playback and vocal, but I’m forced to hear more vocal than playback when recording. Even though this more vocal than playback technique proves useful in terms of eliminating music bleed into the mic, I still prefer to have an equal balance.

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