iD22 - Firmware Change Log



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    Heraldo Jones

    It is good to see how a brand take care of its products. I'm in love with my iD22 since day one, and the latest firmware upgrade has nailed it :)

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    behar neli

    Hello. I have audient ID22. it was working ok on mac Sierra. I remember that i updated regulary and everything went smooth. I tried to update yesterday firmware 2.0.6 from your website and it says FAILED. After this i cant open anymore the mixer. I tryed to erase state.xml and nothing happen. I uninstalled everything with appzaper and reinstalled Driver: iD Mac Drivers - OSX 10.7.5 and later - v3.2.0 [.dmg, 13.8MB and the problem was the same. After that i installed Driver: iD22 Mac Installer - OSX 10.6.8 only - v1.3 [72.4MB, DMG] and this worked in my computer. It is wired because it says OSX 10.6.8 only. and I don't know what to do to upgrade. I need help. Thank you in advance

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    Paul O hara

    I Have the very same issue ?

    Please Help


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