SPECS - ASP880 Output Information

ASP880 Output Information

The ASP880 provides simultaneous output across all of the following:

Analogue Outputs

  • 8 analogue, cross-coupled line driver outputs on DB25
  • DB25 standard Tascam pinout format (See User Manual for diagram - Page 15)
  • 100Ω output impedance
  • +27.5dBu maximum level
  • Fully Balanced
  • Use same circuitry as ASP8024 flagship console

Digital Outputs


  • 9-pin (DB9) DSUB connector (See User Manual for pinout diagram - Page 16)
  • 8 channels of AES or S/PDIF digital output
  • Fully transformer balanced according to AES specification
  • To purchase DB9 to AES or S/PDIF breakout cables, contact your Audient distributor.


  • Full SMUX double speed capability
  • For <48kHz operation, a single optical cable is connected to the top (1-4) ADAT port (provides 8 channels @ 48kHz)
  • For >48kHz operation, two optical cables should be used (4ch on each for full 8ch operation @ 96kHz)
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