INFO - Troubleshooting ASP2802 Connection Issues

Troubleshooting ASP2802 Connection Issues

If you are having connectivity issues with your ASP2802, this is normally down to network configuration. This document contains a few pointers to try and get you up and running.

Install the latest version of AuNet and ASP2802 Firmware
Firstly make sure you have the latest version of the AuNet driver and ASP2802 Firmware installed. Visit:

Check your AuNet Driver version
Windows go to “Help” -> “About AuNet”.
Mac go to “AuNet”->”About AuNet”.

Check the Firmware version of the console
Enter the setup menu and page through until you reach the Firmware version page. You will see “Control Main”, with a number under it in the format of vX.X.X.

If they are not up to date please download the new version and follow the included instructions.

Check if you have more than one network active
If you are connected to multiple networks simultaneously this may be the root of the problem. This is relatively easy to solve, you must simply make sure the console network is using a separate IP address range from your other network.

For example, if you have a WIFI network that is handing out IP addresses in the range of –, and the console is setup with its default IP address of, this will cause a conflict.

To resolve this, set the console IP address to, and the Ethernet port that the console is connected to as Restart AuNet and the console, and all conflicts should be resolved.

The console appears in AuNet but I cannot connect
From v1.0.8 of AuNet onwards this is most likely that a disruption to the network connection has left the console in a ‘connected’ state, when in AuNet the console is ‘disconnected’. To resolve this restart the console and then try to reconnect.

If this does not work, double check your network setting on the computer and console.

The console does not appear in AuNet
The most likely cause of this is a incorrect network setting on the console or host computer. Double check these settings are correct (refer to manual), if they are correct read ‘Check if you have more than one network active’.

If the issue is not related to multiple networks, it could be that you have a firewall enabled, which is blocking port 1212. If this is the case you must add a rule to allow UDP communication though this port. Please refer to your firewall instructions for direction on how this is achieved.

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