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Faderlink Setup

Faderlink is an simple and elegant solution to the problem or integrating analogue console automation within digital audio workstation projects. The solution is a 64 bit AAX/VST/AU/RTAS plugin, that connects up to your Audient console via MIDI ports. Faderlink presents you with a Fader and Cut switch which can be automated in the same way as any other plugin parameter in your workstation. ASP2802 and ASP8024-DLC users also get the added bonus of the scribble strips which allows you name your analogue channels.

To get up and running with Faderlink:

  • Click here to get the plugin installers
  • Open up the zip (Windows) or dmg (Mac)
  • Close your Digital Audio Workstation applications
  • Double click on the installer and follow the onscreen instructions
  • Once complete relaunch your DAW
  • On ASP2802 and ASP8024-DLC set the 'Analogue Automation Mode' to 'Faderlink' in the first page of the console setup menu
  • Insert the plugin on a channel strip
    • Selecting a channel that outputs to the channel on the console that you want to automate makes sense, but you can insert it anywhere in the project.
  • When the Faderlink window pops up select the model
    • For ASP2802 and ASP8024-DLC users this will automatically configure the MIDI ports if the console is connected correctly
    • For Zen select the MIDI inputs and outputs for your system - (channels 1-8 are the first port 9-16 the second)
  • Enter the console channel number you want to automate
  • Automate!

* Scribble strip functionality not available on Zen.

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