SPEC - ASP8024 Audio Specifications

ASP8024 Audio Specifications

  • Fully featured in-line architecture.
  • 80 inputs in on 36 channel version.
  • Full 24-track routing.
  • Ergonomic control surface with clear status feedback.
  • Extended range, splittable equalisers.
  • 14 auxiliary buses.
  • Unique modular construction for easy serviceability.
  • Integral compressors on stereo bus.
  • Selection for Main plus 3 alternate control room speakers.
  • Comprehensive communications.


Frequency Response
Mic input to Mix output <+0,-0.3 dB 20Hz-20kHz @ 6-40 dB gain.
Line input to Mix output <+0,-0.3 dB 20Hz-20kHz @ 0 dB gain.

T.H.D. and Noise at +20 dB Output
Mic XLR input to any output <0.005% at 1kHz
Line input to any output <0.005% at 1kHz
Tape input to any output <0.003% at 1kHz

Mic EIN (20-20kHz, 150R source) <-127.5 dBu
Bus noise (no inputs routed) <-93 dBu
Bus noise (36 inputs routed) <-78 dBu

Mic C.M.R.R.
70 dB (Min gain) 75 dB (Max gain)

Crosstalk and Mute Attenuation at 1kHz
Short fader Mute >90 dB
Long fader Mute >90 dB
Mix assign >90 dB
Bus assign >90 dB

Maximum Input
Mic >+21 dBu (min gain)
Line >+30dBu (min gain)
Insert return >+21dBu

Maximum Output Into 2 kΩ
Mix output >+26 dBu
Bus output >+26 dBu
Aux output >+26 dBu
Insert send >+21 dBu
Monitor, Studio, F/B outputs >+21 dBu


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    Michael Burger

    I am a current user of the ASP4816 and very pleased. I have bought another studio space and am considering an 8024 HE. Is it possible to download an owners manual to scope interconnects. I am also interested in understanding the configuration of your patchbay options.
    Best regards,

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