SPEC - ASP4816 Dimensions

Detailed Dimensions for ASP4816

This document includes some useful information for installing ASP4816 consoles within furniture.

  • The control surface rakes up at 7.5 degrees from the horizontal fader panel plane.
  • The meterbridge rakes up by 130 degrees from the control surface (130+7.5 from horizontal).
  • The length (hypotenuese) along the control surface (the diagonal part of your dimension B is 574.58mm
  • The diagonal length (front of meter pod) from end of B to end of C is approx 183.5mm


In "ASP4816 Additional Dims.pdf":

A - 240.28mm
B - 565.49mm (there is a radius at this point which if measured to the apex is a big longer)
C - 99.75mm (there is a radius that lasts 7mm before reaching the flat top of the meterbridge)

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    Klaus Gehlhaar

    Does anyone have the ability to supply measurements of an 8024 with DLC? THere seems to be no mention of any size, angles or what have you in the manual or on this site??


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