Firmware update gets stuck at "Initialising"



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    i use id14 but i can't get out this problem

    my id14 is also stuck in initializing.

    and it dosen't help this FAQ removing 'usb lead' .

    i wait for 4 hours but always pop up 'initializing'.


    help me


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    Kita Djembe

    Im having the same problem with my id14

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    Thayana Bruno
    This is happening to my id14 as well. 
    I have already followed all the instructions suggested by the support service,
    but the firmware installation failed. With this, the mixer does not open.
    I am very frustrated and with deadlines expiring.
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    I cannot seem to download the latest firmware for my ID14 like many of the people commented here. Please help I do not know how to resolve this issue.

    The update proceeds to "Initialising" then says "FAILED" some time later, then telling me to reboot the ID14 to proceed with this firmware update...

    This has got me nowhere and I am now frustrated with an audio interface I cannot seem to make work for my microphone.

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    Ingo Werner

    Same Problem here with the ID14

    It is not possible to update the firmware.

    Iam glad, i have the old driver 3.2 on my Computer. So i can use the Interface with the old one.


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    Now I'm left with a $300 paperweight 

    No one should ever buy half-assed products again from this company.

    Thank you Audient for ignoring us and giving everyone a reason to put you out of business

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    Cris Cultr

    can somebody email me an old driver? I emailed audient but no response yet.

    im getting the same problem on both my OSX and Windows operating system

    thanks in advance!!

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    Gioi Messina

    Cris Pleaseeee ! send me the same, i am working with OS Sierra.

    Thanks a lot

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    Juan Maia

    Same w/ my id14 on MacOs High Sierra. 

    Appreciate if someone can email me the old firmware as well

    And Audient, what the f* ? Can't believe an issue like this has been going for so long..

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    Dominic Purcell

    I am having the same problem with my ID4 - stuck at "initalizing" on firmware update by right clicking ID app in system tray. I am on Win7 64bit - Audient is there not somewhere I can download the actual firmware .bin file for the ID 4 please? I have tried this 10 times now at least and have tried various USB ports on my PC ( I have tried all the back USB ports as suggested by Audient)

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    Anoop Negi

    i cannot get the ID14 firmware to update. It freezes on initializing. I have tried so many times. Can anyone help? So frustrated. I just got this and still can't use it.

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    Anoop Negi

    I need a driver of id 14.....and s. No is.... 15-02-0817-1033

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    I'm adding to the list of people who cannot get the Id14 to update. I can no longer use the interface. I am very frustrated.

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    Sami Bianchi

    Same problem I updated and now my ID 14 is stuck...that's not possible.

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    Sebastián Hernández

    Hello guys! same problem here. I followed all the instructions (disconnect and reconnect usb device, changing usb port, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, uninstalling all other interfaces drivers before installing audient drivers and nothing happened). Where can i find the previous drivers so there will be no need to update the firmware?. can someone send it to me to my email? thank you!!!

    ps: i contacted support and i'm waiting for a response.

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    Before applying an update, especially in the case of firmware, you need to make sure that the updates for your exact model of the device because of the compatibility can differ of old and new devices. Apart of it, you can check here Microsoft Outlook Not Implemented for useful blogs related to technology. 

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    Sebastián Hernández

    I sent a mail to support and they sent me the firmware for local installing, but nothing happened. Finally i contacted my local dealer and they sent the interface to a technician and he installed the last firmware on my ID14 on a "forced mode". Now everything is ok!!!

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    Tomas Lamas

    I got it working, but it was really a weird Windows related solution. Let's see if they can figure it out.

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    Grant Tyler Dawson

    Can someone please send me the old drivers?

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    Franco Gonzalez

    Same problem! Please send me old drivers?
    Be a hero 🙏🏻

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    Today I tried to install the new driver. Need the new Firmware 1.09 for the iD14. It always fails when updating from Please send me the firmware file to my e-mail address or send me an old driver version. I see alot of people have this problem. Hope you can find a solution for me. Send both files (firmware and old driver) straight please.

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    id22 work with mojave??

    please help


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