Firmware update gets stuck at "Initialising"



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    i use id14 but i can't get out this problem

    my id14 is also stuck in initializing.

    and it dosen't help this FAQ removing 'usb lead' .

    i wait for 4 hours but always pop up 'initializing'.


    help me


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    Kita Djembe

    Im having the same problem with my id14

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    Thayana Bruno
    This is happening to my id14 as well. 
    I have already followed all the instructions suggested by the support service,
    but the firmware installation failed. With this, the mixer does not open.
    I am very frustrated and with deadlines expiring.
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    I cannot seem to download the latest firmware for my ID14 like many of the people commented here. Please help I do not know how to resolve this issue.

    The update proceeds to "Initialising" then says "FAILED" some time later, then telling me to reboot the ID14 to proceed with this firmware update...

    This has got me nowhere and I am now frustrated with an audio interface I cannot seem to make work for my microphone.

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    Ingo Werner

    Same Problem here with the ID14

    It is not possible to update the firmware.

    Iam glad, i have the old driver 3.2 on my Computer. So i can use the Interface with the old one.


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    Now I'm left with a $300 paperweight 

    No one should ever buy half-assed products again from this company.

    Thank you Audient for ignoring us and giving everyone a reason to put you out of business

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