FAQ - My iD22's Alt Outputs Aren't Working



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    yes way

    This should really be more visible...Google didn't catch it because I was searching for the terms "out 3 @ 4" rather than "alt". Seems to working now. I'm used to Totalmix so it had me flummoxed for a bit

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    3-4 doesn´t work at all, i even switched my speaker to 3-4. dead silent. However inside the software output 3-4 gets plenty of signal. There´s just no sound :-(((((( Does that lean towards it being a faulty id22 or the software? To me it feels like the inteface it self is broken. Too bad i haven´t used channel 3-4 before.


    would re-install help? (if it would be the software not the hardware.)

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    Freddy Navarrete

    I just got Audient iD22 and nor of those drivers for mac worked on my sistem it seams that the drivers are not available for Mac O Sierra 10.13.10 

    Is there any solution ? 

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    I solved this by restarting the interface. this happens every now and then. Not "just" after updating a driver/firmware.

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