Does the iD4 require Drivers or Software?

On OSX, iD4 requires no software or drivers. Simply plug it in, select iD4 as your sound device in your Mac's System Preferences and you are good to go. However, we may occasionally release firmware updates for the iD4 and to install these on the iD4 you will need the iD application. This can be downloaded from our website:

On Windows, you will need to install the Audient iD drivers before using your iD4. This also installs the ASIO drivers required for high performance audio within your DAW or recording software. The drivers for Windows can be downloaded from here:

The Windows installer will install the iD application which is required in order to update the firmware of your iD4, this will run in the background and automatically check for updates when the iD4 is plugged in.

For use with iOS device, no software or app is required. Simply plug the iD4 into the device using the Camera connection kit and a powered USB hub.

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