FAQ - Can you Change the Mixer Window's Size?



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    I appreciate that you've thought about this, and it's great that the interface *can* scale for a 13" laptop nicely but some of us have larger monitors and would like to be able to spread out. In addition to just needing to scroll, it looks like there's some resolution issues as menu items appear unnecessarily squished. Further, you don't seem to be adhering to standard windows hotkeys like Alt+menu's first letter (Alt+F to open the file menu, Alt+V to open View, etc). I appreciate that your software affords more control over your product but it really feels pretty outdated with this restricted window size, poor resolution, and lack of common hotkeys. I hope this will one day be re-addressed.

    Further the "handwritten" font at the bottom for "Mic 1, Mic 2, Daw 1+2, etc" feels a little unprofessional.

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    I enjoy the mixer software that comes with this Audio Interface, however it would be nice to change the scale. Though it isn't a make or break thing, I'm just glad that this interface comes with a mixing software that's clean and actually works. Some others I've worked with are nightmarish to even get the native software that comes with it to even work properly.

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