FAQ - Can you Change the Mixer Window's Size?

Are you able to expand the mixer window to a bigger size on a 24" monitor, so on could view all mixer channels at once without scrolling?

We designed the GUI to fit on a 13" laptop so it didn't hang off the smallest screen estate windows etc. Scrolling was one of those compromises.

However, if you haven't spotted it yet, using Command+1 (Analogue inputs), +2 (Digital inputs), +3 (DAW playback) or +4 for System Panel will allow quick access to all channel view modes (useful shortcuts). In typical use with the system panel shut, you can see all 10 inputs, DAW playbacks likely hidden for recording once you have checked you have signal for cue mixes etc.

This should be faster and quicker than scrolling or using a larger mixer GUI.

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    I appreciate that you've thought about this, and it's great that the interface *can* scale for a 13" laptop nicely but some of us have larger monitors and would like to be able to spread out. In addition to just needing to scroll, it looks like there's some resolution issues as menu items appear unnecessarily squished. Further, you don't seem to be adhering to standard windows hotkeys like Alt+menu's first letter (Alt+F to open the file menu, Alt+V to open View, etc). I appreciate that your software affords more control over your product but it really feels pretty outdated with this restricted window size, poor resolution, and lack of common hotkeys. I hope this will one day be re-addressed.

    Further the "handwritten" font at the bottom for "Mic 1, Mic 2, Daw 1+2, etc" feels a little unprofessional.

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