FAQ - How Do I Update Firmware Without an Internet Connection?

Sometimes - due to content blockers or your computer being offline - it isn't possible to access our update server to download the latest firmware. In that case, you can use firmware files which are saved on your computer to update the firmware. The firmware is available on request at

First go to the 'Help' Menu and click 'Check for Updates'

You will then see the updater window. Now click on 'From File' and click on the little magnifying glass icon to search for the firmware on your computer. Once you have located the firmware file on your machine, click next. 

You should then see the update progress window. The update wont start until you click 'Update' so click that when you are ready to update and wait a little bit of time for the progress bar to fully fill.

The software will then prompt you to reboot your iD14/22. To do this, fully unplug USB and power cables to the iD14/22 and plug back in after waiting a few moments.

The iD software will now open and you should now be fully updated.

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