FAQ - How to Correctly Calibrate Speakers on iD14



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    Ashish Ebenezer

    Hi i kept the input level of my monitors (Pre Sonus Eris E5) as low as possible (that is at level = 0, mute basically) then set it to -20 dBfs in my interface, i hope this setup is what is mentioned above. I also noticed that my 48V phantom power is unable to power my condenser mic(RODE NT 1A) everytime my audient ID14 is connected to the speakers(Eris E5), is there something i must do, or is it an issue.
    Thanks in advance

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    David Mumbert

    Ashish, the Audient needs to have power from the wall in order to send +48v to your condenser mics. The id14 will work only plugged into the USB port but it requires the AC power adapter to supply phantom power.

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    David Garcia

    Hello. Question regarding input sensitivity settings on the JBL 3 series monitors. The choices are +4 dBu or -10 dBV. What is the recommended setting with the iD14?

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    Daniel Mills

    Hello there,

    I'd recommend using the +4dBU setting but the best thing to do would be to set the iD14 gain to -20dB like mentioned above and see which setting gives you a volume level that is comfortable for you. This will give you the maximum resolution out of the convertors.


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    Ritesh Tripathy

    Is the +4dBu or -10dBv setting based on balanced/unbalanced cables or just the volume level? My JBL LSR305 is much quieter with the +4 setting, but i heard that's the setting to use for balanced cables.
    Thanks in advance!

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