FAQ - How to Correctly Calibrate Speakers on iD14

If your speakers or power amplifier have some kind of gain control then you can very simply calibrate your speakers to your iD14 and get the most of of them. 

Firstly, set your speakers or amps gain as low as it will go. Now, simply set the iD14's output to -20dBFS using the Mixer application. Next slowly increase the speaker gain until you get to a comfortable listening level. 

Congratulations, you have calibrated your speakers. Always make sure that when listening to audio that you use appropriate volumes to protect your hearing from damage and take frequent breaks.



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    Ashish Ebenezer

    Hi i kept the input level of my monitors (Pre Sonus Eris E5) as low as possible (that is at level = 0, mute basically) then set it to -20 dBfs in my interface, i hope this setup is what is mentioned above. I also noticed that my 48V phantom power is unable to power my condenser mic(RODE NT 1A) everytime my audient ID14 is connected to the speakers(Eris E5), is there something i must do, or is it an issue.
    Thanks in advance

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    David Mumbert

    Ashish, the Audient needs to have power from the wall in order to send +48v to your condenser mics. The id14 will work only plugged into the USB port but it requires the AC power adapter to supply phantom power.

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