FAQ - Are the Pre-amps in the ASP800 the same as the ASP880?

The Pre-amp design in the ASP800 is the same as you would find in all our products, from the iD14 interface to the ASP8024 Flagship Console. Its designed to be clean, fast and precise giving you pristine audio quality for professional sounding recordings.

The only difference you will find are the HMX and IRON circuits on the first two channels. These allow you add a touch of colour to your sound, from thick, vintage sounding tones to added high-end sparkle and sheen. This gives you a massive palette of tones to choose from and allows you to easily dial in the tones you want.

The convertors in ASP800 are still high quality, Burr Brown convertors. They are a slightly different design than the ones found in the ASP880 and have will very slight sonic differences. The specifications of the two convertors, however, are completely on par with each other and you will still get great sounding recordings with both the ASP880 and ASP800.

Extended Specifications for the ASP800 can be found here.

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