FAQ - How do I correctly calibrate iD22 with my speakers?

We recommend that you calibrate your speaker's sensitivity so that you get a comfortable listening level when the volume knob is set between 1 and 2 o'clock. This will allow plenty of playback headroom and also allow you to use as many bits as possible from the output DACs when feeding signal to your loudspeakers.

If you are hearing white noise in your studio monitors at a low level with nothing playing - it is quite likely that you're monitors are not correctly gain staged with the +18dBu = 0dBFS output of iD22. So make sure they are set as illustrated above. 

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    Jairo Menendez

    I don't see a illustration above. I'm on a a iPhone,

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    Tom Waterman

    Hi Jairo, this explaination does not have an image attached. The term "as illustrated" above refers to the text explaination and not an image. Sorry for any confusion. The goal here is quite simply to ensure you can turn up the iD22 volume control high enough to get a good listening level. There is little point setting the speakers so loud with amp gain that the volume control can only be used in a small section of the rotation.

    I hope that helps.

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    Naili Mehdi


    is it possible to sse this image attached please ?


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    I have a question about this article. Which voulme knob should be at 1-2 o'clock, the monitor volume or the ID22 volume?

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