FAQ - ASP880 Insert Points Explained

There are often questions about how to use the "Insert" points on the ASP880 and what you can use it with.


Q. Do the insert points actually bypass the mic preamps?

A. Yes, the Returns are routed straight to the converters.


Q. How do you make use of the insert points

A. Each channel on the ASP880 has a button (it lights up blue) labelled A-D which routes the signal at the ADC input connector straight into the ADC rather than directly from the microphone preamp. There is always signal from the mic preamps present on the Line Output (Send) connector just above the Return.

Using the unit this way means you don't have to keep disconnecting outboard gear to switch between using the preamps as normal and using it with outboard processing.


Q. What equipment can you use the insert points with?

A. You can use the insert points to send audio from the ASP880 preamps into external gear before bringing it back into the unit for A/D conversion. This can range from compressors, reverbs, EQs etc. However it is also possible to use the Returns with other external mic preamps. This flexibility and compatibility with other products means that you can still get the sound you want if you don't want to make use of all 8 of the Audient preamps but still want to use the excellent converters.

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