FAQ - Using iD22 for Voiceover

iD22 is a very versatile tool, able to cater for a wide range of uses in the audio industry. One area that it can excel in is the voice-over industry. Through use of the cue mixes and intuitive routing, many useful and effective configurations for the voice-over artist can be achieved.

Here are some resources to look at to show how it can be used as well as some insight from some voice-over professionals who have used iD22 in their projects: 

Check out the review by Paul Strikwerda who discusses iD22 with the voice-over artist in mind.

George Whittam has made a couple of videos reviewing iD22 with a focus around using it for voice-over. The first is a review of iD22 and the second is an overview of the mixer software.

Check out the Skype interview configuration and the remote client configuration on the iD22 configuration page which shows you in detail how you can record conversations in Skype using the iD22 mixer app to route the audio around your computer. This configurations page has lots more information about potential setups which will suit a wide range of applications.

Here is an audio example by voice-over artist Scott McDonald (Scott’s website here) who we did an interview with in 2013 about using iD22 as a tool for voice over, which contains lots of examples and comparison with other equipment.




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    George, in a Whittam's World video, mentioned using an iRig on a standard mixer for phone patches. Anyone have any tips on using the iRig with the id22?

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