FAQ - Scroll Control Automation in Pro Tools

Unfortunately in Pro Tools, Scroll Control cannot directly control automation. However there is a very simple way to get around this. In this example we are going to use a gain plugin. This would be useful for riding the level on a vocal take for example. However the process is very similar for all other plug ins. 

Step 1: Load the plug in on the relevant channel. 

First of all head to your insert section of the channel and load the plug in that you would like to automate. In this example we want to automate the level of the channel. Therefore we will be using the Pro Tools Trim plug in. This is just a simple gain plug in.


Step 2: Press the Automation Enable Button

By pressing this button you are telling Pro Tools that you would like some parameters of this plug in to be automated. In the next step you will tell Pro Tools which parameters you would like to automate.


Step 3: Select The Parameters That You Would Like To Automate

After pressing the Automation Enable Button a window will pop up. Select the parameters that you would like to automate and press add. When you have added all of the parameters click "Ok". in this case as we want to automate level, we will add the Gain parameter.


Step 4: Select The Parameter Within The Automation Menu

On the channel which you would like to automate, press the small triangle at the bottom left of the channel when in the edit window, then within the drop down menu, select the parameter of the plug in that we just chose in step 3. 


Step 5: Set Your Automation Mode

Next you should set your automation mode. Choose either write, read, latch or touch. In this example we have chosen write. This setting will depend on your workflow. 


Step 6: Automate!

All that is left to do is record arm your track and write the automation. Simply open up the plug in, hover your mouse over the software knob for the chosen parameter, engage scroll control and hit record.  Now as you adjust the knob using scroll control, it will write the information into the automation on the track. 

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