How Do I Redeem My Free Masters On LANDR?



1. To get started please visit and create a free LANDR account (If you already have an account, please email



2. Once you have signed up you will receive an email from LANDR asking you to verify your email address. If you can’t find the email please make sure you check your spam or junk inboxes.



3. Click on ‘Verify Address’ and enter your email address and password and continue through to the LANDR dashboard.


4. To start mastering tracks you need to click the ‘Master Track’ button and upload your track to LANDR. Once the track is uploaded you'll be able to listen to a 30 second preview.



5. Once happy, click 'Save'. You will then be able to select your desired output file (LO-MP3, HI-MP3, WAV, HD WAV). The 16bit WAV and 24bit WAV options will appear as free and remain so until you use your 10 free credits.



6. Once you have selected your desired option, click 'Save Master' and the ‘Download’ option will become available.


7. Finally, download your final master and enjoy.


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