Why Does The iD Application Not Open For iD4?

The iD application does not open a mixer window when the iD4 is connected. This is because the iD app is used to configure the more advanced settings available for the iD4's big brothers, the iD14 and iD22. These features include the optical input options and advanced routing. These are all features that the iD4 does not have. However the features that iD4 shares with its big brothers are all changed using the hardware of the iD4. For example the monitor mix knob, does the same thing as the zero latency monitoring faders in the iD app. 

The iD mixer app is for adjusting settings that the iD4 does not have.

But how do I adjust my sample rate, latency and buffer settings on iD4 if I can't use the app?

When you double click the iD app with an iD4 plugged into the computer, a small iD logo will be added to your system tray.

If you right click on this logo then all of the settings are available here. This also applies to the iD4 and iD22.

In Macintosh systems, these settings are changed within your DAW.


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